mercredi 8 janvier 2014

ANDROiD | The Android Source Code

The Android Source Code 

*** Build and run ANDROID(OS. Not Apps) on your phone. This step is at your risk. You can HANG your phone. 

Source code

Kernel / ANDROID | Real headache >

Downloading and Building

>>* What are the risks of rooting? SOURCE :   Android Newbie’s Guide to Rooting
Okay, honestly this is what most of you want to know, right? I mean, if it were easy and there were no risks then everyone would be rooted. Aside from completely voiding your factory warranty, to be blunt, you can seriously mess up your phone – like to the point where you’ve made it into a glorified paperweight. That’s the big risk. I know, it’s a massive risk, but it’s kind of along those lines of a risk that has to be pointed out like all the risks that go along with taking medicine.
I mean, it’s a risk for me to drive to work each morning. It’s a risk to fly. I could go on and on. However, it’s more of a disclaimer than anything, and a heads up to BE CAREFUL. Additionally, once rooted with full control of your device, it opens your device up to the slim possibility of someone taking control over it like a hacker at a mall, bar, etc. However, there are measures to prevent this once a little research is done after you’re rooted.

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